Application Design Form

Although the operation of a gas spring is inherently simple the application can be complex, especially with regard to the sizing and mounting points. To make this as easy as possible, please print and complete one of the simple questionnaires below and return to IGS.

On receipt of the completed form and information, IGS will enter the data into our sophisticated suite of computer application programs to calculate an optimum solution.

If you need help to calculate where to fit gas springs on your application. Click here

Note: Although this form can be submitted electronically using Acrobat Reader 9.0, a scaled drawing is still expected.

If you want to send us the form electronically, please make sure you open this form using Adobe Acrobat Reader. This feature does not work on Google Chrome's PDF reader or most other readers.

A typical engineering review

While IGS makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of its suggested solutions it is not possible to take into account variations in factors such as friction in the hinge, the accuracy of fitting the gas spring, the position of the centre of gravity and the mass to be moved etc. IGS cannot, therefore, accept responsibility for suggested solutions. When a number of identical springs are required, even where IGS has suggested a solution, samples should always be approved on the application for which they are required before further quantities of gas springs are ordered.