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Aerospace gas springs

IGS can currently claim to be the only gas spring manufacturer to have provided solutions to both satellites and to satellite launchers.

Thanks to our very strict quality system and manufacturing procedures IGS springs are usually selected when self-powered mechanical solutions are required on military and commercial aircraft.

Weight and environment resistance are often the critical factors in the choice of components for such applications. IGS has been supplying the aerospace industry for more than 15 years and can adapt its gas spring design to match your exact requirements.

We can now advertise the fact that our gas springs have been fitted in many places on the Eurofighter Typhon military aircraft since the beginning of its production in 2001. An extremely tight specification had to be met and, for example, the ability to operate effectively over the entire ground operating temperature range from -31c to +90c was vital. More info on this application can be found in our Autmumn 2008 newsletter.
One of IGS' latest innovations is a 120 grams, dual damping, 240mm stroke, 400mm long telescopic gas spring developped for an aircraft seat manufacturer. This project cannot be disclosed at the moment but further details will be posted as soon as we are authorised to do so.

Should you have any special aerospace requirement, please do not hesitate to contact our offices for further information.

Please note that all telescopic gas springs are custom designed, development can be very long and expensive, therefore we can only accept to supply large orders for this type of gas springs (1000 p.a.).

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