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Locking gas springs actuators

Industrial Gas Springs holds a limited quantity of actuators for locking gas springs in stock (see below). Other manufacturers specialised in cable assemblies (such as CMA Cables) will hold a much wider range of remote actuators designed for your application.

Points to be taken into account when choosing a gas spring actuator:
- The actuator's dimensions must fit the gas spring you have chosen (standard size thread is M10 x 1.0 - fine pitch). On medium to large productions of locking gas springs IGS can manufacture different thread types to match your actuator.
- The actuator must be designed to generate the force required to depress the plunger (see note below).
- On standard locking gas springs, the plunger has to be moved 2.5mm in order to fully unlock the spring. If the plunger is only moved halfway the rod may not be fully freed.
- The force required to manually depress the button/lever must be acceptable for the user. For example, on an aircraft seat the force required to unlock the seat back must not exceed 18 Newtons (1.9 kg).
- Always keep in mind when designing your cabling that:
     * A flexible locking gas spring must be mounted rod down
     * A rigid in tension locking gas spring can be mounted in any position
     * A rigid in compression locking gas spring must be mounted rod down

Note about plunger force: On IGS Manufactured gas springs, the maximum plunger force you require is typically 14% of the force of the spring. For example, for a gas spring with a P1 force of 1000 Newtons and a K factor of 1.3, the maximum force of the spring will be 1300 Newtons (+/- 10%). Therefore, in order to depress the plunger when the gas spring is fully compressed, you will need to exert 14% of 1300 Newtons = approximately 182 Newtons.

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Release head dimensions

Cable release kit

Part-Number: F10-LS-KIT 1
Maximum plunger force: 150 Newtons
Cable force = plunger force x 0.5
Moulded aluminium head
Plastic moulded cable lever

Supplied pre-assembled with Release head, pin and cable lever.

Because every single application will have different requirements, we can not supply cable assemblies in small quantities (less than 100 gas springs per shipment).

Release eye assembly - Type A

Part-Number: F10-LS-KIT 2
Maximum plunger force: 150 Newtons
Hand force = plunger force x 0.2
Moulded aluminium head
Painted black steel lever

Supplied as a kit of parts.

Release eye assembly - Type B

Part-Number: F10-LS-KIT 3
Maximum plunger force: 250 Newtons
Hand force = plunger force x 0.1
Moulded aluminium head
Painted black steel lever

Supplied as a kit of parts.


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