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How to adjust the force on a gas spring with an IGS Side Release Valve

The IGS Side Release Valve can be found on the Euroline range of gas springs. It can also be found on custom made gas springs where a SRV was specified.

The advantage of this type of release is that the force can be released after the gas spring has been fitted on the application. It makes adjusting the force a very easy process.

You should keep in mind that this type of release can also be activated by other persons, therefore it is suitable for prototypes or when the gas spring is fitted in an area which cannot be easily accessed by the end user.

Please note that the grub screw used to activate the internal valve can be completely removed once you are happy with the force.
On the right you can find a video we have done to help a customer adjust the force using SRV gas springs.

Please note that this is work in progress and the video will be improved as soon as we can find the time to make it again.

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